Latvian Genealogy All-In-One Bundle

Ready to conquer your Latvian genealogy research? This bundle gets you all three starting products for one discounted price! In this bundle, you get the Latvian Genealogy Starter Kit, the Latvian Genealogy Boot Camp (for Lutheran records) and Russian Handwriting for Genealogy.

Latvian Genealogy Boot Camp

Do you want a no-holds-barred intensive introduction to what you need to know to get your research going? To read the records, and put all of the information together? Now’s your chance – it is time for Latvian Genealogy Boot Camp ! This course focuses on the Lutheran church records that will build the backbone of your genealogical research into your family. Review the modules below to see what we'll be covering!

Latvian Genealogy Starter Kit

Are you new to Latvian genealogy? Or you've started and you're lost, not sure how to organize what you've got and need help figuring out your next steps? Latvian Genealogy Starter Kit to the rescue! Learn the tips and tricks needed to start your research and follow the Latvian Genealogy Research Path to create your own research plan. Sections: If You Read Nothing Else, Read This How to Read the Records and Communicate with People When You Don’t Know the Language(s) When did your ancestors leave Latvia? Are you ready to consult Latvian resources? Latvian Genealogy Research Path Rookie Mistakes: Common Myths and How to Avoid Them Individual Sheet/Family Group Sheet Before You Get to the Records: Decisions to Make and Spelling to Learn Word Lists (English, Latvian, German, Russian) Questions?/Notes Contact information and further resources also included!

Russian Handwriting for Genealogy

You have to deal with a number of different languages and alphabets when it comes to Latvian genealogy, but the one that scares people the most is Russian. But it doesn't have to be that scary! This course will take you through the fundamentals of understanding the Russian handwriting that you will find in the old genealogical records.